Helice Shooting at Honey Brake Lodge

Helice Shooting at Honey Brake Lodge

Helice Shooting

A Great Place to Sharpen Your Shooting Skills

The Honey Brake Shooting Sports Complex is a 150 yard multi purpose shooting facility and Helice pitch. The west side of the facility is set up for rifle, pistol, archery and muzzleloader. Whether you are looking for youth shooting education, 3 gun, or setting up your rifle for season, the HB Shooting Sports Complex can accommodate. The east side of the facility is where our Helice pitch is located. Our Helice pitch is a regulation and sanctioned Helice pitch complete with 360,000 lumens of LED lighting for incredible night shooting.

Helice shooting is a dynamic and exhilarating sport that brings together elements of marksmanship, quick reflexes, and precision. Its history and growth across Europe and beyond show its enduring appeal among shooting sports enthusiasts. If you're looking to test your shooting skills and experience the rush of a spinning target that is the closest thing to a live bird, Helice shooting is a sport worth exploring.

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